Vocational, Technical Training & Skill Development Fund inaugurated [Archives:2004/723/Local News]

March 25 2004

On Monday 22 March 2004, in Aden, took place the celebration of the inauguration of Training Program 2004, organized by the Vocational and Technical Training and Development of Skills Fund, Aden Branch. The inauguration was attended by the Governor of Aden, Dr. Yahya Al-Shaibi, Director of Aden's Technical and Vocational Education Office, Dr. Rashad Shaya, CEO of Aden's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Mohamed Ba Mashmous and Director of the Fund, Mr. Abdulsallam Ibrahim.
The program aims at enhancing the abilities and skills of public and private sector workers in the governorate, which will lead to trained and qualified cadres to meet investment demand and to improve productivity in quality and quantity. Vocational and Technical Training Institutes and Centers, affiliated with the Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education and private technical institutes and centers are also participating in the training program, at a cost of 350 million Riyals. It consists of more than 70 practical and specialized programs, targeting 2000 mixed trainees from about 100 economic units affiliated with the public and private sectors.
The Governor pointed out the importance of rehabilitation and training and confirmed the readiness of the Governorate to present all facilities to institutes affiliated with the Ministry. The speeches generally confirmed the importance of activating the role of the Fund and the development of training programs so to coincide with new developments in work-related aspects for the benefits of labor force and fulfillment of need of employers.
Director of the Modern American Language Institute, Mr. Mazen Lugman, said that the Institute trained 8000 trainees during the year 2003, having American, British and other European countries' qualifications and expertise, and that this year will witness wider cooperation to improve the skills of different trainees.
Dr. Ali Mansour Bin Safa, Minister of Vocational and Technical Education, laid the foundation stone for the state-financed vocational and training center in Ahwar Province, Abyan Governorate, to be implemented during the next few months, as part of the Ministry's plans for 2004. The Minister and the Governor of Abyan and a number of officials in the Governorate paid a visit to the Central Shop, formerly known the Yemeni-Soviet projects, suspended since 1990, where the Minister issued directives regarding equipment and building after the completion of the construction of the new institute.