Vocational training & skills development fund role Should be enhanced [Archives:2005/861/Local News]

July 21 2005

The ministry of technical and vocational education along with Vocational Training & Skills Development Fund (SDF) cooperated with the World Bank held on Wednesday 13 July held a workshop to activate the role of SDF that took place in Saba'a Hotel.

Mr. Abualwahab AL-Akel, deputy minister of technical and vocational education, opened the workshop and said “Today's workshop aims at summarizing the previous experience since the establishment of the Fund in 1995 till today, giving a chance to the ministry to appropriately rebuild the Fund to activate it and enhance its role in developing the technical and vocational education. And this is one of the activities that the ministry wants to integrate it with World Bank new project that we still negotiate with the Bank and we hope to be implanted next year. This is also within the government attempts to have the sufficient funds to implement the national strategy to raise the capacity of the technical and vocational education in Yemen to %15 out of the outputs of the general education.”

Eng. Saeed AL-Khulaidi, technical local expert of the national strategy of the technical and vocational education, commented “This workshop comes to enhance the institutional infrastructure for SDF that is considered one of the basic contents of second technical training project that is financed by the World Bank The workshop aims at coming up with a clear vision for all the parts involving in the SDF. There are a number of papers presented by the ministry, private sector and the World Bank. The general aim is to come up with a unified image to enable SDF to carry out its role that it has been established for that is the participation of the private sector in the process of funding and investing the technical education in Yemen.

AL-Khulaidi further said ” There are strategic vision that is prepared by the ministry represents in the national strategy of technical and vocational education that covers five element dimensions, responding and equal opportunities , conjunction with labor markets, develop the institutional capacities, improve the abilities of training institutions, and funding. In addition there is a long-term program to raise the capacity of the vocational and training education to 15% of the education outputs by 2014.

AL-Khulaidi concluded “The second training project comes as a completion for the first training project that started in 1997 and focused on foundation, structure and preparation in the training establishments in the ministry of technical and vocational education as well as cadre rehabilitation. However, the current project that is being prepared and expected to be launched by the end of 2005 has four contents, enhance the capacities of small establishments, finding specializations in the technical field that meet the labor market. Training the trainers in the training institutions, and the last one that is the aim of today workshop is to improve the institutional infrastructure of SDF”.