Voluntary Counseling and Testing VCT [Archives:2005/851/Health]

June 16 2005

By Dr.Samir Gubari
VCT national expert

We are in front of a real disaster, whose effects spread in many countries, destroying people's hopes, wasting efforts of tens of years of hard working to develop and improve living standards and throwing it's black shadow on social, economic, and medical aspects. It's AIDS that is a reason of passing many young away. Many diseases reappear because of the appearance of AIDS, such as phthisis. Since the victims of AIDS are mostly infected by phthisis because of immunodeficiency. Phthisis becomes responsible for one third of mortality internationally. Furthermore, the huge outbreak of phthisis among AIDS patients shares to infect many non infected people.

In Yemen, AIDS epidemic is not existed that scared way. But that is not an excuse to slacken and ignore the problem. This disease is different , in it's nature, it's features and it's rate of spreading. So dealing with such diseases should be different. Denying the problem is not the answer, but learning to face such epidemic positively makes the ability to prevent the outbreak of this disease easer and more effective.

However, there are many wrong attitudes, thoughts and practices from some people lead to increase the rate of spread and endanger many members in the society. Therefore we have to treat this wrong thoughts and practices peacefully and properly.

For this sake. It should be a clear policy and employ facilities to fight this epidemic.

“Social stain”” is the main obstacle that associates the AIDS patients whether in their families