Voter registers reviewed [Archives:2006/945/Front Page]

May 11 2006

Ismail Al-Ghabri
SANA'A, May 8 ) The Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) reviewed in its last meeting a report concerning results of revising and adjusting voter registers which came to an end last Tuesday.

The report shows that the total number of new registrars reached about 1,280,000 across the republic, while 164,949 people of both sexes changed their voting center. The SCER delegated the technical and planning affairs sector together with legal affairs and referendum sector to gather the final results. This was done according to the minutes and registers raised by field committees and issuing a report to the SCER for ratification.

In addition, the SCER reviewed the registration statistics such as number of the people who had registered previously in 2002, and those thought to be too young to vote based on checking the voters' photos.

The SCER has also delegated heads of specialized sectors to announce those scores, data and legal procedures, in a press conference and through mass media. The SCER approved of announcing the repeated names in the previous and present voter registers. This is in addition to under-age voters who are supposed to go to the primary committees during insertion and deletion process which begins Tuesday, May 9. They have to cancel their names lest they should be sued. The SCER has called upon political parties and civil organizations concerned with elections to make voters aware of the importance of canceling those names that were illegally enlisted. They should feel responsible for keeping the voter registers free from distortion being the primary base for political rights as the right of nomination, voting and referendum.

For their parts, Participants in Shaikh Al-Ahmer Forum, which is held every Monday and attended by politicians, Journalists and social figures, agreed upon the seriousness of violations and infringements which took place during the edition and revision of voters' register. In a study submitted by Ibrahim Al-Hair, the head of electoral bureau of Islah party, the number of under-age registrars is around 880,000 and this represents the percentage of 11 percent of the total number of voters.

No violations announced in Hadramout

On the other hand, the SCER subcommittees operating in different areas of Hadramout finished the process of voter registers' modification and review without any violations.

The subcommittees registered citizens attaining the legal voting age and handed the new voter registers to the SCER Branch in the province immediately after finishing the process, Ahmad Iskandar, Manager of the SCER Branch said.

“Voter registration committees have finished the first phase easily without any violations or threats by parties or people and this reflects awareness of locals in the province,” Iskandar added. “We have been pleased by registers turnout in the province.”