Wahdat Sana’a Defeated Al-Hilal 5-3 Itehad Ibb Will Play the Back and Forth in Qatar [Archives:1999/35/Sports]

August 30 1999

In a strong match that joined Al-Hilal and Al Wahda, Wahdat Sana’a showed their merits and won the match.
At the beginning, it was equal, but soon things changed, especially after Al-Wahda scored a goal in minute number four in the first match. After that Al-Hilal made different attempts to score a goal but all in vain. Soon, Al-Wahda scored two goals in the twenty one and thirty two minutes of the first match. At the end of the first match Wahdat Sana’a scored the fourth goal. By that time the Sudanese audience was at rage and called names at their players and their coach.

Then, the Sudanese coach changed the goalkeeper as well as some of the players. So, Al-Hilal players tried to exercise pressure on Wahdat Sana’a. However, Wahdat Sana’a exploited a chance to score the fifth goal. Then, Al hilal in a very skilled way, scored three goals in six minutes. They tried hard to score other goals but they could not. The match was ended 53 for Wahdat Sana’a. This result make Wahadat Sana’a entitled to play in the next turn, especially after the withdrawal of the Arab Kuwait. Wahdat Sana’a is going to play with the aircraft Iraqi Army team. The two teams will play back and forth matches in the two countries. Wahdat Sana’a will go to Baghdad in 191199 . The Iraqi team will arrive to Sana’a in 31299. On another level, Itehad Ibb, the President’s Cup Winner, is going to participate in the Asian Teams Competition. It is going to face Al-Rayaan of Qatar in its first match. It is said that they are going to play the back and forth matches in Qatar. It was specified that the back match will be played on 3999 and the forth match on 8999. This is done after the two two unions in Qatar and Yemen agreed to have the matches there in Qatar.