Wanted Huttat members:Conditions laid down [Archives:2003/651/Front Page]

July 17 2003

Negotiations conducted with members of Huttat group by the a special committee formed by Abyan governorates' local authorities have reached to a deadlock because of conditions those elements have imposed in return for surrendering themselves to security authorities.
Security authority is hunting down for those elements since their escape from the bloody incidents occurred in mountainous Huttat area lately.
Al-Ayyam newspaper said on Sunday that among the conditions given by those elements is the release of persons accused of killing late Jarallah Omar, assistant secretary-general of the Yemen Socialist Party.
This demand is a new one added to others they had proposed earlier.
Those elements had earlier demanded for government posts, financial compensation at the same footing with colleagues which they state had granted them following the 1994 civil war.
Also among their demands is the release of the prisoners accused of committing terrorist attacks, including the attack on the American destroyer USS Cole at Aden port and on the French oil super tanker, Limberurg at Dhabbah port in Hadhramout.
Reliable sources have mentioned that after failure of those negotiations, the Abyan local authorities have now become convinced that the elements demands are unnegotiable.
Meanwhile, Abyan security continued their chasing of the wanted elements and storming a number of areas in the governorate where they are thought to be hiding.