War between the Elephant and the Bees [Archives:2002/06/Focus]

February 4 2002

Mohammed Mohammed Jama
Member of elders of Somalia Community
Nowadays, we hear from the world news that Somalia will be the next target of US War against terrorism. Really is it true that Somalia a tentacle of global terror? Can the Somali people which is barely being governed and wrecked by many years of civil war terrify America? Or is it true that the Qaeda network exist in Somalia? If the Americans like the truth, the answers are all negative. Our first time, we heard the word Qaeda was September 11, from the mouth of President Bush. So why for unfair and unequal war?
Being a Somali intellectual, Icould say: As long as there is a way to solve problems, force should not be used. A conventional war would make the emaciated, poor and innocent people victims. In fact the problem of American administration is lack of proper intelligence.
I think the CIA gets the information concerning Somalia from two sources, which are both deluded null and void.
The first source is Ethiopian. Here the Americans forgot the land dispute (Ogadeen) between the two countries and the US directly relished the biased and far-sided Ethiopian reports, which does not want strong, united Somalia. The second reliable source is the immoral Somalia-war lords, who are trying to get rid of one another and giving self-serving reports. Nearly all the cabinets of the Transitional National Governments were professors of American universities but not terrorists. So why at least the Americans dont listen to their reports. What kind of leaders ia the US looking for? All and all before setting out on an operation to Somalia which seems as the war between the bee and the elephant; US needs specific and real information.
Somalia needs help and reconciliation at this time, but not yellow bombardment. Somalia is ready for YS oil companies and America knows that Somalia is a virgin land.