Washington DC-based band in Yemen Classical Guitarist Duo in Yemen [Archives:2001/12/Last Page]

March 19 2001

The talented guitarists Michael Bard and Corey Whitehead concluded their stay in Yemen with a guitar concert last Saturday, at a dinner hosted by Dr. A. Chris Eccel, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the United States of America.
The professional musicians, who have given many concerts in the United States, have received warm appreciation wherever they have presented their performance so far.
The concert was attended by many Yemeni and Foreign delegations, and friends of the two musicians, who arrived in Sana’a last week and gave their first concert on the 13th at H.E. Ambassador Barbara K. Bodine’s residence. This was followed by another performance on the 14th at the YALI center.
Leaving their mark in Yemen just like Yemen left her eternal marks on them, Michael and Corey performed for Yemen TV. along with Oud artist Walid Al-Junaid, a performance which was broadcast on Yemeni TV. at 10 PM yesterday.
Hailing from Washington DC, they plan to tour other Arab countries like Morocco and Saudi Arabia. Their visit was a resounding success which they intend to repeat in the days to come.