Washington Post publishes series on Yemen [Archives:2005/904/Front Page]

December 19 2005

In cooperation with the National Democratic Institute of the United States, the Washington Post is publishing a series on Yemen entitled, “Exporting Democracy.” The three articles are entitled, “A call from the sheikhs,” “A Place called Al-Jawf,” and “The President's concerns.”

Part one of the series is high quality and reflects a positive story about Yemen and its example of democratic development in the region. It also praises the United States' role in the Yemeni democratic process, providing a much-needed public relations boost for American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Author David Finkel, a renowned staff writer for the Post, has investigated key stories such as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, the war on Iraq and now, U.S. ideals and Yemeni reality. His unique writing style is highly appealing and involves readers in the story, a skill profoundly exhibited in this series, which is available at the Washington Post's website, accompanied by photographs and video.