Water and Environment MinisterA plastic layer will cover Yemen in one century [Archives:2007/1075/Local News]

August 9 2007

SANA'A, Aug. 8 ) Water and Environment Minister, Abdurrahman Fadhl Al- Eryani, cautioned of the dangers of the spread of plastic bags in Yemen. “There is unconsciousness of the environmental and medical disadvantages of the spread of these plastic bags” he pointed out.

The Minster also announced many assumptions of one of the researchers, which confirmed that if the people continue dealing with the plastic bags like today, Yemen would be covered by a plastic layer in a century.

He showed his sorry for the environment pollution caused by the spread of plastic bags, indicating that there is a “Mafia” which works on making the plastic products in the hands of citizens, especially Qat Sellers who prefer to use these bags.

Additionally, the Minister, who participated in the opening of Ibb's Fifth Tourist Festival, urged the people of the governorate to take this matter seriously for the sake of their surroundings.

He also called for getting rid of the unused plastic bags during the coming three years. Further, he mentioned that it is not a civilized behavior when tourists visit the country and see plastic bags here and there.

“For a traveler the main visual flaw in the beauty of Yemen is plastic bags” the Minister elaborated. “Light-weighted pink, yellow, and blue plastic bags carpet streets and color hills. So, whatever the beauty seductions of Yemen, the traveler will not come back” he emphasized.