Water-Sector Human Resources need to develop [Archives:2007/1042/Local News]

April 16 2007

Jamal Al-Najjar
SANA'A, April 15 ) Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) is to start human resources development process in cooperation with the German Development Corporation (GTZ) so as to carry out the national strategy of water supply and sanitation sector. In fact, this came during a workshop held on Sunday 15 by the two sides to discuss the development of a framework concept related to human resources development in the urban water supply and sanitation sector in Yemen.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Water and Environment Mr. Mohammed Al-Hamdi confirmed that qualifying the ministry staff is a key step to achieve the development goals of the sector and raise the standard living of people. Also, he pointed out that the staff training process doesn't receive enough support from the involved bodies in the government though such issue is of a vital importance as training, in its wide sense, includes raising the performance level of all the institutions in the water sector. Additionally, he said that “The public budget often pays little attention to the training process. We mostly depend on donors particularly GTZ to help us carry out such training''.

Mr. J. Ringer