Water shortage& the awful truth [Archives:2003/640/Health]

June 9 2003

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Environment and life form an integral part. The safety of the environment means the safety of life and harming the environment by external or internal elements that spring from the environment itself will reflect on life thoroughly.
All realize that the environment has contents and potentials and the greatest one, which considered life elixir and the pure gold that a handful of it in the barren desert means a wealth. The pure gold that everybody is ignorant it and uses it with indifference as well as consuming water in useless matters, on contrary it will be a harm on environment, human and animal.
We in our country do not mention this problem unless we have occasions or posters or brochures that issued between time to time. Or when there are workshops, seminars and activities for some scientific and educational sides that look after the environmental issues. Consequently, a number of topics and reportages issued in magazines dispersing here and there. Periods after periods and we forget and we return to chew qat, promote and open markets for it and we do not know that it is the biggest tyrant that plunders our water heritage and takes tremendously our water resources that can be used for irrigation another plants, vegetables and fruits. Consequently we will stop importing vegetables and fruits and get rid of dollar control and high increase of prices of foodstuff if we have regulated the use of our water resources.
So it is very important that the concerned bodies not just talk about the importance of the water security occasionally but they should activate this problem at large and continuous extent through environmental and scientific network for science and technology to research and study water in our country and train technical and professional cadre as well as encouraging the researches and studies to face the water insufficiency phenomenon that becomes clear because of rains and torrents shortage in most areas. Besides, finding solutions for consuming water wealth and build environmental awareness via posters, press, TV, radio, and activities on the level of civil and military governmental institutions as well as the necessity of spread awareness among women about proper using for water as they are the most persons using for water in houses either in the town or the countryside.
It is worthy to benefit from the government readiness to build dams and water catchments that will save rain and torrent water to benefit from it later on in agriculture to have a green cover besides feed the earth with groundwater.
Everybody in the educational, environmental and health institutions has to take the responsibility for tackling this problem before an environmental disaster takes place. That is what the UN statistics warned against. Those statistics indicate that more than 2500 million people are going to face imminent shortages in drinking water in 2025. So if insensible consuming of water remains as it is a catastrophe will definitely happen.