Water, Water! [Archives:2000/42/Health]

October 16 2000

Due to the ever-increasing demand for water for developing industry, agriculture and civil life, it is quite significant to look for new water resources so as to draw up policies that ensure peoples survival. As ground water constitutes a great deal of these resources, it is essential to dig wells.
A workshop was organized on October 2 by National Authority for Water and Sanitation in cooperation with GTZ. 24 engineers from different departments of the authority participated in this workshop. For three consecutive days, these people were discussing the working agenda which included ways to dig new wells, necessary tools, specifications and standards that are to be carried out, maintaining and re-qualifying old wells, reasons behind low productivity of wells, reasons behind the breaking down of pumps, anticipated natural and man-related obstacles etc.
Dr. Mohammed A. al-Saadi indicated in his speech that many a time farmers came across serious obstacles such as buying pumps with no good specifications. He said that could be easily avoided if they asked for consultation. Moreover, many farmers do not know how to deal with these pumps.
Mr. Ibrahad Wolf, German team director in Water Establishment, delivered a speech in which he briefly indicated some ways to clean and maintain wells. However, the point about wells of Tehama was that those wells were dug eight years ago. Besides, there was not much information about those wells. He stated that these problems reflect themselves on other governorates.
Mr. Jamal Mohammed Abdu, chairman of the General Authority for Water Resources, indicated that this study will be the basis for understanding all the problems related to water and help in exchange of information in this context.
Finally, Engineer Mohammed al-Himsi and Othman al-Kurdi delivered speeches in which they discussed some relevant problems with the participants so as to find solutions that would save them the trouble of wasting time and money.