WB representatives visit projects in Taiz [Archives:2004/713/Local News]

February 19 2004

A delegation representing the World Bank (WB) has recently paid a visit to the governorate of Taiz to have a look at WB-financed projects and how they are carried out. The delegation is headed by Steven Karam, who visited the historical Cairo fortress and observed work in the relief projects for victims of floods in the Saile al-Qamt, where a number dams are being reconstructed.
The delegation evaluated the progress of the second phase of the projects financed by the WB, with a total value exceeding YR50 million.
The WB representatives met with the governorate's government Qadhi Ahmed Al-Hajri along with the general secretary of Taiz local council Mohamed Al-Haj, Engineer Ali Saheed Khamees of the WB in Sanaa, head of the Planning and Development Committee of the local council Mr. Shawqi Ahmed Hayel, and manager of the Municipality Development Project Engineer Ibrahim Hassan.
The governor expressed gratitude to the WB for its role in supporting the governorate and the country in general, and particularly thanked Mr. Karam for his role in this respect.
The WB team had earlier visited the Amirya dam and stressed on the importance of repairing it following the damage caused by floods and other factors. He also pointed to the need to clear of all waste to make it a clean-water reservoir that could support underground water wells and provide a lasting supply.
The team also visited the coastal city of Mocha to touch base with developments in the projects in the district financed by the bank. The bank's representatives also went to Hodeidah governorate where they toured the ongoing projects financed by the organization.