We Hear You, But Don’t Believe You [Archives:2001/43/Focus]

October 22 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Since the dreadful September 11, 2001, we have heard Western officials, especially from the United States and its spokesman, from time to time, Tony Blair, come out and say that the time has come for a resolution of the Middle East problem. It is not sure, if they mean that the time has never come before or whether the proclamation is brought on more by a sense of need rather than a sense of guilt at propping a terrorizing regime and supplying it with all its death machine, not to mention watching this ugly menace in our midst reeking havoc and bloodshed for decades, without so much as telling their spoiled brat, “hey, calm down you guys, you should be grateful to these people for allowing you to usurp them of their land and destroy their homes, mosques and churches just so you can live your mythical fantasies”.
It was remarkable to hear Mr. Tony Blair state time and again, that the West is now ready to implement the United Nations resolutions on Palestine, which have never seen the light of day, because Israel and its supporters are not concerned about resolutions that seek to mend some of their foreign policy blunders at the expense of helpless, defenseless people.
Mind you, one would think that Mr. Blair has proven himself to be a staunch supporter of humanitarian causes, as well as a firm backer of the United States in this regard, as illustrated by his courageous stand, in support of former President Clinton’s brave personal initiative. We should not forget that the NATO involvement in halting the Bosnian and Kosovan carnages of Slobodan Melosovitch was not a matter of general policy, but a whimsical and sensible approach of superpower might, touched by the ugliness of the sadistic vehemence of the Serbs, that could no longer be concealed in a world of rapid communications and maverick journalism. Thus, it would not be ridiculous to think that Mr. Blair really means what he says, if we can assume that the Clinton pinch for humanitarian sensitivities has been brought forward and clings tight to the British Prime Minister. However, it appears that the whimsical Clinton touch did not carry over to the Bush Administration, for even after Mr. Ariel Sharon has literally insulted his sponsors altogether, with one easy “slip of the tongue”, which was said later, somewhat apologetically, meant to placate “the far right” in Israel, as if Ariel Sharon is not one of the staunchest elements of this far right. But then, anything that Israel says or does is always justified by some reasonably “acceptable” excuse. Whatever the case, we are realizing day by day, that even if Mr. Blair was just expressing his own views, it appears that the Zionist veto is stronger than the personal feelings of the British Prime Minister, and surely America has shown very little care or interest in clamping down on their Zionist pets in the Holy Land, for the killing machine is working night and day, even more than it ever was before September 11, 2001 and Israel, withdrawing from this neighborhood and entering that neighborhood and threatening and screaming that it will obliterate the Palestinians for once and for all to guarantee its “security”.
We are not sure, if the Americans are really ready to be sincere with the Arabs or the Moslems of the world, when they say that they are adamant on ending the conflict, while for Israel that means ending the Palestinians for once and for all! It seems that the Israelis are vent on insisting that September 11, 2001 is to be isolated from carrying on with the Zionist designs for the Holy Land, of making Israel as Jewish as a matzo ball, from the Euphrates to the Nile. If the White House does not believe us, then they should ask their State Department staff to read the Protocols of Zion, as well as freshen up on Islamic studies, which they know have finally come to recognize as deserving study, just so they can penetrate the “origin of world terrorism” as they seem to view it, notwithstanding all the lip service they now declare about the wonderful virtues of Islam, as if we did not know the wonderful virtues of Islam! Give us a break, here we are seeing them take advantage of the weakness of the Moslem world, thanks to the impotence of the regimes that prevail in the Moslem World, which they have also propped up and support, despite all the talk about a new world order, where only democracy should prevail, etc.
We hear you Mr. Blair, but frankly speaking we are skeptical of your American friends, who are unable to find the time right now to deal with their Zionist pets in the region, since they are so busy trying to chase microorganisms and other mysterious evils that have come to shake the security and serenity which the Americans have enjoyed for so long. We sympathize with the American people, at being so kind to an evil that lies within their midst, yet they have not come to the realization that their Zionist pets are worthy of a thousand and one evils, which they would be ready to inflict on the Palestinians or the Americans for that matter, if they find that their wishes are not being fulfilled. Time and again, we have told our American friends, beware of the Zionist demon within you, for it will stop at no length to bring America to heel, if it finds the latter not satisfying its sponge-like hunger for money and weapons to enable it to feast on the Palestinians, without any regard to civilized human behavior or the interests of its sponsors and supporters. It might seem ridiculous to the nave, but there is no hesitation in this observer and in many keen observers and analysts to suggest rather convincingly that what America is facing now has its roots in the Zionist designs, which you tend to disregard and overlook and deal with as an innocent civilized force amidst hostile heathen barbarians as Pope Urban II called the Moslems a thousand years ago.
We have been living with this menace in our midst for over half a century seeing it carry out all kinds of evil with prejudice to all moral and religious teachings and the British themselves will tell you how treacherous their former Zionist pets were, when they used to kill the officers of the British Army that protected them, armed them, trained them and made men out of them. Just ask Mr. Blair, how helpless the British were in dealing with the Zionist menace before throwing the problem on the lap of the United States in 1947.
In all the evil that seems to be going on here and there, in its various forms, it is worth noting that evil begets evil and in Islam there is no evil, and it is God’s will that Islam shall remain that pure and humanistic belief that is still superior to all other forms of human interaction. History has shown it to be so, and destiny will, in the end, prove it again, even though there are systematic and deliberate attempts to corrupt it, but we and the British know their roots are not Islamic. Just read the Memoirs of Mr. Humphrey (I believe that was the British intelligence officer’s name).