Web site provides human rights documents in 6 languages [Archives:2007/1023/Local News]

February 8 2007

SANA'A, Feb. 10 ) In cooperation with the Human Rights Center at the University of Minnesota in the United States, the Woman's Forum for Research and Training launched a service providing human rights references in six widely-spoken languages via its Web site.

The Web site includes 27,000 human rights documents which can easily be read and printed by readers.

In addition, the site contains pages of studies, research, training material and information about WFRT-related programs and activities.

“Human rights activists and their organizations in the Arab world face difficulties finding information and references in Arabic, and this similarly applies to all those who don't have access to English,” WFRT Chairwoman Suad Al-Qadasi said. “This factor is behind the rarity of information and little experience on the part of many people working in human rights organizations.”

She added that most of the Arab human rights Web sites are not specialized in providing such services. “We worked with the Human Rights Center's library in the University of Minnesota and used the documents the university collected over many years to be at the service of visitors. Visitors can have access to these documents via opening the homepage of the Web site, Al-Qadasi said.

According to the WFRT chairwoman, the service is not only for Arabic speakers, but can also be useful for readers of English, French, Spanish and Japanese.