Welcome Back!! Jamal Al-Awadhi, Sport Editor [Archives:2000/16/Sports]

April 17 2000

Yemen Times is happy to receive a lot of letters from its readers. All of those letters urge upon republication of the sport page and all sport events. We are very happy to announce that in response to their requests, Yemen Times has decided to republish that page under a new name, “Youth and Sports”. All events concerning youth affairs will be published in this page.
There will be a vacant space for readers’ letters and comments. We would like to point out that Yemen Times is not only for politicians and economists, but for youth and athletes as well. Indeed, the success of any newspaper depends on catering to the needs of tastes of thousands of the youth.
Yemeni youth are creative and powerful, but they need more encouragement by authorities concerned.
Yemen Times will also devote a column for sports journalists and for the activators to ventilate their view points. They are welcome to send us their comments and discuss youth issues in Yemen for publication in this column.