Welcome Ramadan [Archives:2003/680/Culture]

October 27 2003

By Abdul-Jabar Ahmed
English Teacher – Taiz

Ramadan is a holy month for all Muslims all over the world. This month, which Allah created, is an occasion during which Muslims get their faith renewed as well as energy and spirituality recreated for the rest of the year. So, on this great occasion, we implore earnestly to Allah the most Merciful and the most compassionate to show us the right path in order to do good deeds and to illuminate our lives. In Islam, a great important is given to this month because it is a month of fasting, prayer and reciting Qura'an. Fasting is one of the best ways for penance, there is to ask God's forgivingness for our wrongs knowingly or unknowingly. It further teaches us the virtues of self-control. By controlling our hunger and thirst for such many long hours, we learn how not be affected by the physical desires. Controlling physical desires is the surest way to scale the greatest heights of spirituality. In fact, by enduring the effect of hunger and thirst for such a long time, we come to realize the misery of the poor who stay in hunger for days and thus we sympathize with those who need it. In other words, fasting is an obligation for Muslims in order to make rich Muslims feel the suffering of their poor brothers. Therefore, Ramadan is by all means considered as a significant Islamic month for us all. We must keep its virtues in mind and reflect them in all our thoughts and deeds. Finally, it is particularly worthy to remember our brothers who are at war. So we must invoke Allah's mercy and pray for Allah to destroy their enemies everywhere and liberate their occupied lands from invaders and colonizers.