Welcome Ramadan [Archives:2008/1187/Community]

September 4 2008

By: Mofeed Al-Gaad
[email protected]

People in different parts of the world adopt diverse religions like Islam, Christianity and others, but majority of rational people adopt Islam as it is the religion of tolerance, justice, education and mercy. Thus Muslims have their own holy month which distinguishes them from others. Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims and fasting this month is one of the pillars of Islam that are required to be performed by every Muslim. So every Muslim who is able to fast ought to fast this month. Ramadan is knocking at the door, approaching an Islamic nation as a blessing and kind guest, so every Muslim is overwhelmed with a sense of happiness and pleasure. Ramadan has countless blessings that make Muslims pray to God to expand their age until the coming of Ramadan in order to touch God's mercy during this holy month. Following the holy Quran in Ramadan is one of the characteristics that distinguish it from other months. The first inspiration comes to our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Ramadan while he was praying God in an isolated place.

Ramadan days can be classified into three periods of time. The first 10 days are described as the days of mercy. During these days people become kind and helpful to each other. As rich people stay all daylight fasting and suffering from the pain of hunger, they feel poor people's pain and how they are suffering from hunger for long months. Consequently, rich people have pity and mercy upon poor people, providing them with the necessary demands of life. Above all, God places his mercy on all his creations of human beings during these days, glorifying the act of fasting as he said in Al-Hadeeth Godsy, “All the deeds of Adam's son are for him