WFRT discusses gender trade and child trafficking [Archives:2005/821/Local News]

March 3 2005

The Women's Forum for Research and Training (WFRT) recently held its eighth forum, which discussed research findings on gender trade and child trafficking in Yemen.

Commencing the forum, WFRT manager Mrs, Su'ad al-Qadasi, said that despite the “figures released by the research, they are thought of as less in number compared to the real-life ones The phenomenon of gender trade should be strongly opposed and fought”.

D. Salahaddin Haddash presented an analysis of the way that Yemeni laws comply with the international conventions with respect to penalties for child trafficking, and personal status laws.

Abdurrahman Abdulwahab discussed the obstacles to collecting data from the government on sensitive issues. He argued that the child trade contradicts the teachings of Islam. In his research, Abdurrahman Abdulwaha dealt with some 20 children (males and females) who were subjected to exploitation.