WFRT to host Symposium on women’s rights [Archives:2004/795/Local News]

December 2 2004

The third symposium on Women Rights and Social Justice is to be held in early December under the motto “Women rights in Islam and the Social Justice.”
The event, which is to be organized by the Women's Forum for Research and Training (WFRT) in collaboration with GTZ, aims at assessing and following up with its special program on Women Rights in Islam.
The symposium is comprised of five topics:
1- Intellectual stagnation and its reflections on the level of the family, socially, cultural and politically,
2- Innovation of the philosophy and connotations,
3- Women's rights and their misunderstood roles in Islam
4- The characteristics and the Islamic personification; and
5- Human rights and the social justice

The head of the WFRT, Suad al-Qadasi pledges that the WFRT would continue its events and activities, which is “an expression of the Forum's awareness of the extent of the problem of misinterpreting Islam and preaching in a way that is disadvantageous to women's right, which contradicts to Islamic values.
The program targets activists, community members, the media, academics, and mosques preachers whose role is prominent in influencing and changing the negative perceptions of women.
It is worth indicating that the program of “Women's rights in Islam” was initiated by the WFRT in early 2004, and was concluded by distributing the forms for assessing the target points and issues.
The WFRT's efforts have also been focused on the relationship between old and outdated social and cultural traditions and violence and disregard to women. The forum tries to encourage female participants to be more involved in its activities and introduces new incentives in this respect.