WFRT to take part in 2 international conferences [Archives:2003/665/Local News]

September 4 2003

The Chairwoman of the Women Forum for Research and Training, WFRT, Mrs. Suad al-Qadasi, is to take part in the 2nd Conference for Human Rights Defenders scheduled to be held in Dublin the capital of the Republic of Ireland on September 14-15.
The main objectives of the conference are to exchange experiences and develop practical proposals in dealing with challenges confronting human rights defenders, and that is through studying the economic, social, political and cultural environment of those defenders.
The WFRT chairwoman also has been invited by the Women Union in Latin America & Caribbean Countries in order to take part in the 4th international conference for supporting women's issues to be held in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.
During the two conferences, two working papers are to be presented by the WFRT.
“We have taken keen interest to take part in international conferences on human rights with a view of enlarging women's horizons regarding their rights and promote women's movements and methods of performance,” Mrs. Al-Qadasi remarked to the Yemen Times.