What a chance is waiting us!? [Archives:2007/1091/Community]

October 4 2007

By: Saif Hamoud Masoud
[email protected]

Having read many articles in several newspapers that have criticized Muslim's status in Ramadan, and how they behave against our Islamic rules, has made me write on such a matter.

Ramadan is the month intensive “worship”. Fasting in Ramadan is prescribed for us to strengthen our bodies as well our souls. We worship Allah in Ramadan by our bodies, spirits, hearts and minds, which is the best clue to purify our souls and set our thinking right “straightforwardness”

Since we reach to the other part of Ramadan, we still have few days to do better than we did. Let us look forward, open the mind's eye and believe in ourselves to see what has been divined for us. No more blaming, no more regretting, just do good deeds and work instead. There are few days that contain some of the most precious chances for us as Muslim. The last ten days of Ramadan, have an irreplaceable and special place in Islam because among them comes the greatest event of “Night Of The Power “.

What a massive virtue in these events are waiting us. Night of the power, when the gates of the sky are going to be opened widely and the angles would be gotten down in order to collect all the human deeds and take them to the celestial world. It means the night during which destinies are going to be decided, beside it is the night of unique honor, dignity and glory as much as that is better than a thousand months. The prophet Mohammad said about this majestic night: “Any Muslim who stands in prayer during the night of Qadr out of faith and sincerity his\her previous sins shall be forgiven.” In addition, there is no exact date of this night but our prophet said that “Seek it on the odd night of the last ten days of Ramadan”, therefore, we would worship Allah more fervently than we do.

Moreover, we need to have a better sense of pity and consciousness of Allah: “Taqwa”. The purpose of Taqwa is wide in its sense. It embraces everything that can harm or benefit us. It definitely would be fulfilled in seclusion. Seclusion is to be holy with Allah, to stay in a mosque or any place you choose to and spend the time in prayer performance, supplication and reading holy Qur'an, all of these can empower you to shake off your sins, worries and anxieties.

We won't be lost any more. Isn't that sufficient for us to restore what we didn't realize or what we ignored?. Dear reader, let us just be honest and we can make a promise because it requires nothing impossible but a great intent deep within that won't be frustrated in order to work harder and harder, reaching a high position in Islamic meditation.