What Did Arab Nations Fulfill in 2001? [Archives:2002/03/Focus]

January 14 2002

Abduh Moqbill
The year 2001 passed and we still suffer from jeopardizing negativities in some aspects concerning the security of nations, among whom are the Palestinians whose issue occupied the minds of some true Arab and Muslim leaders. The year 2001 was characterized by bloodshed in which thousands of defenseless and powerless people were victimized in the occupied land, including infants, children, and the aged. They underwent, and continue to experience severe, constant suffering in the hope that they may get their legal right. 2001 was not the first and will not be the last for the Palestinians to suffer. We witnessed in 2001 a conspicuous Israeli criminality showing the fact that Israel is one of the oppressive countries practicing terrorism in all its forms.
Israeli devious policies are practiced as a part of accomplishing new strategies to occupy further land and impose more settlements. In this respect, Israel and all countries which support terrorism should be held accountable for such massacres and indiscriminate killings. The Arab countries failed to emphasize or at least to convince the international community that resisting terrorism is a legal right. It is a must practiced by all the nations of the world, which were colonized and occupied by other countries, including the Western countries.
With regard to the New Year, we hope that Arab countries will forget their disputes and difference. We hope sooner or letter that the Arab countries will adopt new means and decisions with the aim of forgetting their bygone times and establishing new relations. A certain kind of consolidation of interests and responsibilities should be established socially, culturally, economically and politically. The compass of the year should lead us towards establishing a very strong Arab community capable of encountering challenges, restoring its entire occupied land without concessions or renunciations, achieving an economic and social development and protecting our culture and heritage in front of the huge global changes.
We hope that the coming Arab Summit in March 2002 will be a starting point to achieve what the Arab citizen wishes. The summit will be our hope for real friendship and more cooperation not only from one side or two, but from all sides of the Arab nations. Our hopes and ambitions as Arab citizens are boundless. We have to build an equal international relationship based on true friendship. Frankly speaking, the Arab citizen doesn’t accept the abyss of time or what he is given to him. The nations’ interests and needs are the main pillar of any society. We as Arabs possess the potentials of success from gulf to the ocean. We possess the great unparalleled civilizations. We also possess the moral values, which can not be found in any part of the world. We can restore our entire occupied land and invest it to keep peace and comprehensive justice.
We congratulate our Arab Nations on the New Year.