What Has Gone Wrong With Y.net? [Archives:2000/35/Front Page]

August 28 2000

For the past few months, our readers kept on complaining of the deterioration of the Y.nets Internet Service. Y.net is the sole and only Internet service provider in Yemen. It belongs to Teleyemen, Yemens -again- only telecommunication company. The service started quite well several years ago. Administration of Y.net has all the time stated that they are enhancing their services by installing new hardware and software. However, what is evident on the ground according to Internet users is a deterioration in the service. Readers complain of slow bandwidth speed, especially during working hours, termination of connections, causing loss of downloaded data, halted connections, and sometimes, slow connections even with y.net domains (ye). Why?
The proxy server, which is used for blocking indecent sites (pornographic, etc.) are slowing the overall performance of our service intensively. It may be the main reason behind these problems said Khaled Al-Dhahbani the person in charge of Y.net service in Teleyemen.
The most saddening point about the service is its high fees for low quality service. The rate per minute varies from 9 to 12 rials, which is an extremely high price for the average income of Yemenis. It is even among the highest in the world. At a time the world is putting together convenient payment methods and cheap fees by charging constant fees per month for unlimited Internet access (30 dinars per month in Jordan, and USD 10 per month in the U.S.A.), yet, it is not in any way evident that Y.net is going to implement this fee system. Some readers even say, OK, we will pay whatever they charge, but at least, we want to feel the value of our money. We want good service.
At Yemen Times, we thought of raising this issue because of public demand to do so. It is Yemen Times mission to bring about our complaints of this terrible service, said one of the foreign deplomates in Sanaa. Isnt it high time they started thinking of truly upgrading the infrastructure if it is the problem? Isnt it time to realize the vital importance of the Internet, and hence, lowering its fees for the common man to be able to use it? Isnt it about to understand that using a proxy sometimes has negative effects more than positive ones?
Any time we complain of Yemens only ISPs service, we get a positive response. Will we get another positive response soon? This is what we at Yemen Times, and all our readers hope.