What if Germans won WWII? [Archives:2003/655/Culture]

July 31 2003

By: Sameer Annozaili
[email protected]
Faculty of Arts,
Ibb University

What if we turn back time and have Germans win World War II (WWII)?
Really, what would have happened?
What history says is that the allies won the World War II and defeated Germany and Japan in 1945. But let us try to imagine for a second that the contrary took place.
Ok! Let's go.
Now we are in the beginning of 1945. Adolph Hitler fighting Russia with his armies going ahead until reaching to and occupying Moscow.
Then, when he crosses and takes over one third of Asia, Hitler turns back to the West to face the old British lion and allowing America to be defeated by Japan.
Hitler, then, starts fighting the British. F1 and F2 German missiles pour on London for a long period of time, eventually leading to the fall of the capital.
During this same time, the shared German and Japan experiences come to make the atomic bomb.
Then the world wakes up, one day, on the boom of an atomic bomb explosion in Washington. Another bomb of greater impact hits New York a few days later.
Then the USA declares its surrender.
Now, there are only two mighty forces in the whole world, Germany and Japan.
There is no communism or capitalism and of course, Israel would never have been founded. Moreover, it could potentially result in the extinction of the whole Jewish race in prisons of Nazi Germans and Japanese.
Then, a temporary peaceful period would prevail around the world.
Hitler will not keep quiet for a long time, as his habit is to gain more and more. He does not love partnership too.
So in secrecy and silence, the Germans begin producing and duplicating the atomic, Hydrogen and nuclear bombs.
Japan, on the other side of the planet, does the same.
After that, the conflict starts between Germany and Japan after each one ensured it has enough weapons in stock.
Germans declare that a Japanese boat polluted German waters and on the other side, Japan declares that it was the Germans who stroke the boat. Then each country sends its warning to the other
Hitler then, as expected, declares war
And the tragedy starts again.
The atomic, Hydrogen bombs and nuclear missiles pour down from side to side everywhere on the planet.
Fire is everywhere, blood and human remains can be observed wherever one goes.
In this third world war, it will be the end of the planet
The end of all peoples
End of the human race
End of every living being .
End of everything
Wait a minute!
All this is only fiction. Let's come back to reality and have a look at wars of today.
Compare the present world with the one visualized.
Perhaps this one is better. Or perhaps not?
Which one could be the better any way?
And why?