What if Osama Bin Laden Comes to Sanaa Airport? [Archives:2002/04/Focus]

January 21 2002

Waheeb Al-Eryani
[email protected]
If you are looking for a very deep political and military analysis about what is called War on Terrorism and what is happening these days in the world, this is not the right stuff to read.
Recently, not only Pakistani nationals suffer at the Sanaa Airport. Yemenis who visited Pakistan at a certain time of their lives also do. Anyway, lets imaging what would happen if Osama Bin Laden came to Sanaa Airport.
In my personal opinion, what would happen is that he would be arrested for interrogation for a few hours. Someone would look very stupidly at his passport. After all, another person would say very intelligently, Ok Osama Mafeesh mushkelah; Aurakak saleemah which means no problem; your papers are OK. Of course, they would not give Osma Bin Laden his passport. They couldnt be easily tricked but they would let him go.
Later, he should send someone to collect his passport and pay YR 3,000 or maybe a little more. Thats all. Really?Yes, thats all.
By the way, political security staff are not very funny at the airport of anywhere else but you should be able to get out of the trap.
Why is that?You should know!!!