What is success? [Archives:2005/804/Education]

January 6 2005

Fuad Abdulkareem Alsabri
[email protected]

We hear people talking about success. What do they really mean? And what is success? When can a man be successful? When can this person succeed and not another?

Success is a process as well as a result. It is a journey as well as arrival for without a journey there will never be any arrival – no success story.

Success means working continuously if possible – keeping doing the work whether accepted or rejected.

Success means having a system to help you work through your frustration over rejections.

Success is schooling yourself to knowledge and learning from previous accomplishments as well as hope to achieve something spectacular like they have.

Success is thinking positively. Say I can do this.It is going to take a lot of time,effort and patience but I can do it. So lets get moving. Don't allow yourself to whine – Oh I do not think I can do this – I am not good enough I am too inexperienced – too old – too young – too tired -have no time -no one believes in my work / ideas. The real pity is that so much valuable time and energy is spent in the creation of nothing. If all the scientists, writers and great inventors had thought this way, we would not be at this stage of development and achievements.

But say I can do this, I will do it, repeat that ten times and see yourself doing it – THAT IS SUCCESS.

Success is also finding time to start your work / project for pure pleasure.

Above all, success is forgetting about the possible pitfalls and just going on doing the job at hand.