What is the Future Boxing? [Archives:2000/16/Sports]

April 17 2000

All of us feel proud for the spectacular achievement by Yemeni boxing champion, prince Nassim Hamid Kashmin. Most people consider Nassim’s championship as a high watershed in Yemeni sport activities.
Ministry of Youth and Sports has constituted the Yemeni Boxing Union. This might be a liability on the part of the Ministry which does a lot of things without understanding their implications. Most of our youth go to clubs and gymnastics centers to seek training in boxing. They consider boxing an exciting game, but they neither find proper coaches nor encouragement. They are severely handicapped in the absence of an expert who can conduct this activity because the union and his members who are the ones to promote this sport are themselves busy in their own work.
Ministry of Youth and Sport must take prince Nassim’s championships as a example. It should take proper care of this game well in time instead of basking in the glory of prince Nassim. This unfortunately seems to be the reality of Yemeni sport. The weakness of the Yemeni sport is clearly demonstrated by the low profile participation of Yemeni teams in the international tournaments
When would the officials at the Ministry of Youth visit sport clubs to take stock of the current situations and the problems faced by youth?
If the Minister of Youth pays more attention to the talented in boxing, it will go along way in promoting this game and bringing laurels for the country.
Yousif Al-Baidhani