What it takes to be number one [Archives:2002/07/Viewpoint]

February 11 2002

Ever since I took charge of this newspaper after the unexpected and tragic death of its founder, my father Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, in 1999, I have focused on one thing: to be up to the challenge. Today, more than two years since Dr. Saqqafs death, I believe he would be very proud of the level The Yemen Times has reached.
This newspaper now sells, on average, at least three times as many copies as our closest competitor. It is sold-out in most newsstands and bookshops throughout the country. The hardcopy edition is distributed, in fact, throughout most of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is expected to reach more markets in the near future. The website of Yemen Times has also become the leading source of information on events happening in Yemen.
YT readers in Yemen and worldwide have continued to follow the news from the source they trust and know as a credible, balanced, and unbiased source of information.
But while we are showing strength and leadership, we continue to look for ways to reach higher horizons. Well never say, Weve arrived. We may be far ahead of our local competitors, but now we are comparing our newspaper to English-language regional and international newspapers. In todays globalizing world, we need to see the world as our market, not only Yemen.
This is why you see the new improvements and changes in this issue of The Times. Were pushing the limits to see how much we can accomplish. Were now subscribing to worldwide news-wires and will have other services. This costs time and money. But we see this as a wise investment in the future.
The changes that you see in this issue are a result of extensive surveys to find out what our readers and advertisers want. The changes also come with many days and late nights of hard work and dedication.
So, were pleased with the results, and believe you, our readers, will also enjoy this new beginning. Thank you for your input and support. It takes a lot to be the best. And we know, it takes even more to stay that way.