What Zionism is Really All About “Kill’em Anyway You Can” [Archives:2001/16/Focus]

April 16 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Perhaps, as Hassan Nasrullah, the indefatigable leader of Hizubllah (of Lebanon) said at the outset of the Sharon regime in Tel Aviv, the coming of Sharon to the Zionist throne should not be looked at apprehensively. As time proceeds on, there is a lot of wisdom in what Nasrullah said. What Sharon has done for the cause of Zionism may be looked on so scarily by most Arabs, but then it brings to the fore, what many Arabs with foresight have been saying for a long time. This Zionist machine in their midst is here for only one reason, which is to work as a cancer in their midst. Chewing away at all living things in its way and thriving on pseudo bigotry to energize its hate machine as it seeks to a create a fact of life based on muscle and hatred on the land that has been quenched with the blood of the helpless Palestinians. Who are in no position to face up to this ugly bigoted machine that seeks to erase their total existence. Yet while the Palestinians stand helpless against this formidable hate machine, the likes of Sharon continue to be supported by the global superpower and the international Zionist establishment. It is as though Palestinian blood has been sanctioned by Heavenly Decree, as some rabbis have openly stated recently in a clear show of affirmation that Zionism can now be seen in its true colors. So what, if the parades of Palestinian children lying on their deathbed, is a daily routine. Just look at them, with their faces uncovered, looking towards the sky pleading with the Al-Mighty to look after their brothers and sisters, for they are pleased with their lot, if their plight is the magic key to paradise. But the Palestinians are humans also and are entitled to all the human rights and civil liberties. The global superpower makes it appear that it is championing everywhere – that is everywhere, except in the Holy Land.
What Sharon has shown us over the past month is, that as far as Zionism is concerned, there is no room for Palestinians in the land of Zion and that as far as Sharon and the millions of his like in Israel are concerned, they have no hesitation in spewing the blood of all the Arabs and not just the Palestinians. As one rabbi, openly declared, last week. This rabbi happens to be the leader of one of the so called extreme right wing parties of Israel – as though hate mongers can be given legitimacy by such political labels. Whatever comes out of them is viewed as no more than an expression of opinion which can be taken so lightly. But really, is it not good to be able to see the Zionist creed become displayed so openly. As no more than a chauvinistic, demagogic creed that regards the only way for it to survive is to kill, kill and kill?
The “spiritual leader” (God forbid if the Divine should ever consider anyone of this gender as being “spiritual’!) of Shas, the gung-ho Zionist political party that does not hide its hatred, not only of Palestinians, but of all Arabs, has recently declared that all Arabs should be killed everywhere. That they should be rained upon by rockets randomly fired at any Arab habitat. He declared this without hesitation and without regard to the ecclesiastical hat, robe and pious beard he wears. It is the kind of rhetoric that brings to memory the tragic massacre of Deir Yassin, the Palestinian village where close to 300 sleeping Palestinians, 53 years ago, were awakened to the rat-tat-tat of Israeli machine guns and the explosion of grenades. The indiscriminate downpour of bullets and small rockets fire in their midst, as part of the well planned ethnic cleansing scheme developed by the Zionist war lords to “purify” the Holy Land and turn it into a citadel of hatred and demagoguery. Such immorality is unrivaled by anything man has ever known, except by the Nazi machine of Adolph Hitler, except that the Nazi machine was at least more equitable, for it was directed against all non-Arian races. The Zionist hate machine, at least for now, has concentrated its hatred against the Arabs, and mercilessly so.
But carry on Sharon, because now the colors of your hate machine is clearly on display, as your bulldozers follow your tanks to destroy, not just the homes of the Palestinians, but even the trees, which have become the only source of food for the besieged Palestinians. Who have now been barred from receiving the measly handouts that UNRAWA has been spoon feeding the aftermath victims of Deir Yassin and the many villages from which the Palestinians were uprooted over the last half century, Carry on and show the world that there is nothing to stop the hatred that you have unleashed so openly in the Blessed Earth, where so many prophets of the Al-Mighty tread while trying to instill civility and kindheartedness in mankind. The likes of Hitler and Sharon should have no place in human society. But alas, people forget so quickly and chauvinism prevails once again, even upon the blessed soil where Jesus, Moses Abraham and the many prophets in between said to the world, beware of Israel and the entrenched evil that is embedded in its heart. An evil that refuses the bounty of its Lord and the salvation that has come its way, and even ignores its own prophets and carries on in defiance of the will of God. As though they are immune from God’s wrath, which they have tasted so often.
As for the United States, we thank those ignorant congressmen, who still have a blind view to all the hatred that the Zionist machine is unleashing in the Holy Land. The assumption that Israel is their gateway to political paradise, as they forget the immoral implications of their totally blind support of the Zionist machine, throwing away the American people’s hard earned tax money to unleash this hatred against the people. The lifeline of their industrial and financial hegemony thrives, the Arab oil that feeds the military and industrial configuration by which it treads on the rest of the world.
Is there hope, then for the Palestinians and the other Arabs who are soon to become victims of this uniform hatred, against all these odds? It is God’s will that the meek shall inherit the Earth and it is God’s will that will make the likes of the Shas rabbis eat their own words of hatred. They will pay the price for the defiance of the Covenants they have been entrusted to uphold, and as usual, they have betrayed that trust with punitive contempt and disavowal of the power of Our Lord, the Lord of all mankind.
So carry on Sharon, but Deir Yassin and Sabra and Shatila (the magic workings of Sharon himself) are very much in our minds as well as in the Lord’s mind.
As for the United States, it appears that the beginnings of decay and sloppiness are beginning to prove that no matter how powerful and seemingly untouchable you might be, there are still nations of the world that you will have to reckon with. These you will not so easily step on, because the Lord Al-Mighty has also given them some elements of power that make the United States compelled to forego some of its arrogance and submit to the fact of life that God is the only Supreme Being in the Universe.