What’s Happening is not Acceptable [Archives:2001/17/Law & Diplomacy]

April 23 2001

By: Mohammed Al-Ghubari.
Correspondent of the Emirates-based Al-Bayan
The formation of the new government shows that the economic and financial reforms and fighting corruption was not a priority on the agenda of the government. The increase in the number of Ministries to 35 does not agree with the self-righteous slogan raised by the government. Creating new ministries means making new budgetary provisions and increasing expenditure. In addition, some ministers are not qualified to run their ministries because their qualification does not agree with the responsibilities of the ministries. This means that the government will be spend two years attempting to understand the nature of these ministries. I can say that the political crisis which led to the formation of this government can not be relied upon to manage the bad economic, political and social circumstances. However, to be just, one can not help but to appreciate the change in the number of ministers who the people have lost trust and confidence in. We also can not help being optimistic about the capability of the new faces for bringing about some development, at least, to confirm the fact that what is happening can no longer be accepted.