What’s in Bush’s head? [Archives:2004/733/Viewpoint]

April 29 2004

“Are you still asking?” a person could try to say when reading the above title. “He must have got it wrong!” would be an expected response.
I believe George W. Bush did get it wrong, but that is not the main problem. The issue is that he is continuing to live with a wrong perception. It is amazing to see that Bush is still thinking that the majority of Iraqis, except most Kurds in the north, are welcoming the occupiers for giving them freedom and democracy.
He seems to be unaware of the hatred that has reached unimaginable levels throughout the developing world towards the US because of his awkward foreign policies.
He is also turning a blind ear to the increasing screenshots on Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia, and even American channels of the Iraqis cheering upon the burning of a US military vehicle and killing of some soldiers through militant resistance forces.
Isn't this a scenario repeat of what is going on in Israel?
Let us see.
Israel occupied Palestinian land.
US occupied Iraqi land.
Israel calls all resistant forces terrorists.
The US forces call all Iraqi resistance forces terrorists.
Israel forces are hated and wanted to leave.
Coalition forces are also hated and wanted to leave.
Israeli forces are cracking down on Iraqis' homes causing terror to families and children.
Images of similar acts are being shown of US forces doing the same in Iraq.
Israeli forces are targeting militants and prominent Palestinian personalities using planes and helicopters. The US is doing worse in targeting entire civilian neighborhoods with similar weapons.
So, why is Bush still getting it wrong? Why is he insisting that Iraqis love him and want to die for the sake of the democracy he is willing to bring?
There is a missing link here. The question about how Bush is handling the Iraq war in itself is not the real problem. The problem is in his apparent inability to get it straight: “Iraqis don't want your freedom.”
I am honestly unsure why this misperception is continuing. Perhaps Bush is busy with local affairs and election campaigning. But now as countries are withdrawing their forces one by one, he must reach a point of asking “Wait a minute? What is going on here?”
Adding insult to injury, the June 30 date of handing over power to the Iraqis is approaching, yet not one single expert or analyst is convinced that by then, Iraqis will be able to deal with the situation.
This is indeed turning to a mess. But is Bush aware of it?
I just cannot help wondering what is going on in Bush's mind. The many mistakes he made in the past may be corrected. But what if he doesn't know the mistakes or doesn't admit them.
That is the real problem!