When Bodies sing more! [Archives:2007/1031/Community]

March 8 2007

By: Maged Thabet Al-Kholidy
[email protected]

On the airwaves, satellites especially, music channels outnumber the rest. Ordinarily consumers will not object to the increasingly low quality of the products watched on these channels. People rarely consider the pros and cons of watching these channels even on mute. Yet others are seriously the direct or indirect relation between the Arab situation and the aims and objectives of the channels' producers.

Public opinion on one-end claims there is no danger in such channels because they are a reflection of reality. According to them, society is unharmed since the situation presented is similar or worse than what they present. The quality of songs, i.e. words, melodies, singer's voices, no longer counts. It is the singer's age and dancer's quality that counts.

At the other end of the spectrum, opinion is completely against these channels for the social, religious, and moral dangers they may bring. Society, from childhood to adulthood, is influenced, attracted, and tempted by the invariably present female semi-naked body, may lead males to think of nothing more than satisfying sexual desires.

Songs, if they actually could fit the category, are the main “business” contents of these channels. The commercials and the competitions sponsored are for financial sake. Around the clock aired you see the same songs, the same singers with the same required “tempting” teams. No longer evaluated for their words or musical melody, these video songs evaluate the size of protruding parts and dancing skills of women, the “white meat!””