When I look into her eyes [Archives:2009/1223/Community]

January 8 2009

By: Abdullah Saleh Ali Ali
[email protected]

when I look into her eyes

I can't feel myself on earth or on the sky

and I can't breathe every time beside them I pass by

when I look into her eyes

I forget the time the world and all my fights

and all my feelings toward them arise

I can't stop thinking about her eyes

I always tell the guys

what beautiful secret I can't keep

I became prisoner of those eyes in deep

when I look into her eyes

I see a sparkle as starlight

makes my black nightmare turns white

and makes my darkest day become bright

if only I can see her eyes all day all night

I'll dispense with world and for her eyes I'll fight

I never see such an infinite beauty as her eyes' light

those eyes never let me down I always feel them by my side

for those eyes my heart has disobeyed me

and got out of the circle of my pride

it knelt and became their shadow and became their knight

all I wanna say I love you

so do you believe in love from first sight