When journalists stripped of protection Hundreds of journalists declaresolidarity with Rahma Hujaira [Archives:2005/845/Front Page]

May 26 2005
Journalists at YJS express their resentment by burning copies of al-Bilad newspaper. 	YT photo by Y. al-Mayasi
Journalists at YJS express their resentment by burning copies of al-Bilad newspaper. YT photo by Y. al-Mayasi
Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Sana'a, 25 May, YT)Hundreds of Yemeni journalists on Wednesday 25 May held a solidarity gathering at headquarters of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate to express their support for and protest against the unjust campaign the journalist Ms Rahma Hujaira had come under. The campaign was triggered because of what a new newspaper, whose political orientation is not known, called “al-Bilad”, had published in its first issue on Tuesday 24 May.

The above-mentioned newspaper had published on its back page a host of unseemly accusations against honor and conduct of the journalist Hujaira, chairwoman of Yemeni Female Media Forum.

The journalists gathered at the headquarters of the YJS have emphasized their rejection and denunciation of those means targeting bearers of free and honest pens, confirming their limitless solidarity with journalist Hujaira.

The protesting journalists have also conducted discussions, mainly focused on issuing a solidarity statement in which they stressed their refusal of all that the newspaper had published against journalist Hujaira and her husband journalist Hafidh al-Bukari, secretary-general of the YJS. The statement affirmed that what had been published against the colleagues of press profession was because of their stances in solidarity with and defense of journalists exposed to pursuing campaigns.

The protesting journalists had signed a statement containing a filing of lawsuit against the A-Bilad newspaper and they had gone to office of the general prosecutor to demand that the newspaper and those supporting it should stand trial and the newspaper to be closed. They had also set fire to copies of the newspaper in expression of their vehement protest.

Journalist Ms Rahma Hujaira is one of the best journalists in Yemen in that her topics are usually characterized by excellence and tackle various types of crimes and in many instances, she criticizes the government's negative administrative performances. She, on many occasions, stands in defense of issues of journalists and an active element at several non-governmental organizations and a human rights activist.

She has recently established a forum for Yemeni female journalists, specialized in and concerned with training females working in media instruments to increase and develop their capabilities of keeping in pace with modern arts of press. Ms Hujaira is one of the Yemeni journalists who captured awards for local and international contributions. For many years, she has been working as correspondent of the Emirates Zahrat al-Khaleej Magazine.

It is expected that the campaign on solidarity with journalist Rahma Hujaira would develop and increase for forming a local and international public opinion.