When love been a reason It is “Yemen Times” [Archives:2007/1075/Community]

August 9 2007

By: Abdullah Bin Abri Al-Nahdi
[email protected]

I've studied English, but when I left my English school, I felt that I'm losing what I'd studied, specially when I moved to my hometown. I didn't find any one to practice with. My vocabularies were disappearing from my memory. Sometimes, weeks passed or even months without saying one English word. Shortly, I can say that I lost hope to speak English again.

Once I went to the stationary shop in my neighborhood. While I was talking to the salesman, something attracted my attention. I saw someone as she was playing hide and seek with me. It was too crowded there; I could just see her eyes between the others. Her eyes were telling me something, but I didn't get it. I left that place, and I went home back. At home I was wondering” who was she? And what did she want?” I decided to go there one more time.

Next week I went to the same place on the same day at the same time. I was just asking my self “am I lucky enough to meet her again?” I entered and she was there, but she dressed differently this time. Every thing she was wearing was new.

I got closer to her, but she directly asked me her first question in English “Do you speak English?” this question woke up something inside me, for my English has slept for a long time. I tried to answer her, but it was difficult for my tongue to push the letters; however, I finally I succeeded.

We had a short conversation. Then, I decided to leave, but she said “you can meet me here twice a week”. “Ok, I'll come” I responded.

We made a deal to meet there every week, we had never missed the meeting, and our relationship became strong. I decided once to take her with me in my car, she didn't mind. Then she became a part of mine. Where ever I go, I take her with me, when ever I feel bored I just look at her she makes me happy. Her most care is just to improve my English. She was my teacher when ever I've a question. She opened a new horizon for me. She refreshed my English and she brought back hope to my life. She seems like that she was created just to help me. As she said “Hello” to a person waiting for “Goodbye”

I admit that I love her, and she deserves that love. I decided to tell her name. At the beginning I felt jealous to tell, because I thought that I'm the only one who loves her, until I found out that she is loved by thousands of people, so no need to hide her name. Her first name is my country's name, and her last name shows you the valuable moment in our life. Did you know her? It is the “Yemen-Times”.