When Officials Don’t Think [Archives:2001/21/Focus]

May 21 2001

by Mohamed Kadri
I know a top ranking executive of one of the leading business organizations, who issued notices to his senior staff deducting more than 50% of their monthly salary on the grounds of their absence from work. This humiliation forced those personnel with high qualification and wide experience to resign and seek employment elsewhere!
Recently, I heard the executive was fired from his post on the same grounds of being absent of work for more than two thirds of a year as well as for using foreign countries without any justification.
This is a typical example of the type of administration followed there. Executives with low academic backgrounds, hardly beyond primary school levels, are ignorant of the simplest skills of Arabic dictation.
For that organization, and for any other, the lack of performance is due to the administration’s ignorance of the fundamentals of administration and the failure to build the connecting administrative and human bridges between seniors and juniors, that is, between higher managers and ordinary employees.
That organization follows a policy of dividing to control, which evoked frustration and push ed out the qualified staff.
Inevitably this frustration makes them mentally ill and, hence, absent from the office.
The employee’s feeling of self-respect results in high performance and promotes creativity. This should be remembered, otherwise, officials may turn to be destructive!