When silence talks [Archives:2007/1085/Community]

September 13 2007

Mohammed Saleh Ali Almoqri
[email protected]

When silence talks

The sea becomes calm

No movement to harm

Winds start to pause

When silence talks

Flowers stop growing

Artists forget drawing

Children quit playing

Eyes gave up crying

Travelers cancel walk

When it starts talk

I try not to give care

But, voices I can hear

Then I have to do share

As if I have nightmare

Surely she is so fair

Like a candle bare

When she to me whisper

Am I on vacation?

On a boat on an ocean

Or in some celebration

What a great occasion

It is never exaggeration

Just when she walks

Silence gladly talks

She waves saying hay

You have to be a way

Even if one single day

Never forget the way

That reaches you the bay

Use my white ray

To cross it you may

When silence talks

I said decision I took

My hear later broke

Go I am not a balk

My soul just shocks

When silence talks