“When Thinking about Creating Titles Becomes a Distress”” [Archives:2008/1195/Community]”

October 2 2008

mohammed ahmed saeed alkaladi
[email protected]

Titles of the books and publishes play nearly but not exactly the same role of names for the human newborn babies. As any newborn baby needs to a name, to be known by it and becomes an integral part of his identity during his life. Books also need to specific titles that already gain the power of science name, status and regularity. Giving names for the books and written works is more difficult than looking for names for human beings. In the case of human, names should not necessarily carry the features of personality of human and they are not images for his core and the reason of his identity. Names, for human being, are not more than a symbolic signal to distinguish people from each other.

Unsimilarly, titles of books are not only signal names but also concise guidelines, access and description for the content of the book. Furthermore, finding a title for a poem or any literary work is more difficult than finding titles for scientific books and researches. It is a simple matter to put a specific title for a book of history, geography, philosophy or physics according to the topic of the book and its specializing, whereas it is rather difficult to find a specific title summarizing a musical note, a portrait or a group of poems.

Simply, in old Arabic literature, the distress of selecting titles was solved by relating the poem into the poet such as “Deewan Al-Mutanabi”” or relating the theme of the poem to the poet like “”Hamasat Abi Tammam”” (The Enthusiasm of Abi Tammam). The style of the poems was also related to the poet as in “”Luzomeyyat Abi Al-Alaa Al-Ma`arri. This was simple