When Yemeni patients suffer twice [Archives:2003/660/Health]

August 18 2003

AbdulWahab AbdulQawi Al-Sofi
[email protected]

Health is a crown on healthy people's heads. No one can see or feel it except patients. As much as, I praise medicine and our doctors, criticize intensively ministry of health. Medicine is a human duty before it is a profession. Medicine is Allah's mercy gifted to human beings. We have to be honest in using this gift. Sick people are suffering twice. One is the disease that they are inflicted. The other is the opportunism and corruption they are facing in hospitals from all stuff. Patients don't have a minimum care in governmental hospitals especially in Hodeidah province.
They must pay for every simple service. Patients' beds are hired or patients lie on the floor. Nurses don't perform their duty as it is. Making an operation needs a bundle of money. Once my child had a motorcycle accident. His leg was broken. I was not there at the time being. He was left from 9a.m. till 8p.m. I was there at 8:30p.m. What I have seen shudders human bodies. The voice of pain-suffering patients is roaring all over the hospital. Many dead people are dragged out of the hospital. Bleeding patients were thrown on floor waiting their turn. Smell of death was emanated. It is a smell of a strong odor. It is a really scaring place.
Foreigner doctors are taught to receive bribery. A Russian doctor in the hospital completely refused to make the operation for my son's broken leg until I put YR 5000 in his pocket. He went to his room to count his bribe before starting his work, which he did immediately afterwards. His assistants are paid to separately. Despite of that, the boy's leg became crooked. Therefore, patients prefer to visit private hospitals, but actually they escape from tiger's claws to the crocodile jawbones. The private hospitals prepare several operation rooms. As soon as patients visit doctors, operation is the final arbiter. So, patient should hire a room in hospital with his family and live there. And then, they leave these hospitals insolvent. They are like hotels. Patient is given a sack of painkillers initially; in order to make sure that patient is unable to move. This is the private hospitals' policy. This excessive analgesics cause many diseases such as cancer, kidney diseases, etc. Kidney diseases increase all over the country, Hundreds of patients suffer from kidney failure in Hodeidah province. This will be clear if you visit kidney wash center in Hodeidah. It is a catastrophic sight. This is because of water we have is polluted. The atmosphere in which we breathe is also polluted. We are exposed to an actual disaster, so ministry of health with its senior officials should be hurry up and take into consideration what it could be saved.