Whereas the Arab Summits Fail Iran Tells Them What It Is All About [Archives:2001/18/Focus]

April 30 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
It is probably inconceivable that we can expect the Arab States as they stand now to face up to a menacing enemy like Israel, in view of their lack of faith, not only in themselves, but in the cause that once gave them greatness. The Al-Mighty has made it clear that they simply have no verve without. Yes, it is Islam that gave this nation its greatness and made the master of the world and surely it is only Islam that can ever restore its dignity, which it has lost to a Zionist mob that has no ethics, except the ethics of muscle and power.
Look at Sharon having a good time in Palestine, and 200,000,000 Arabs are watching their brothers being slaughtered left and right by a cowardly enemy that is begging that its victims stop throwing pebbles at them. What a paradoxical world we live in, as the victim is labeled the terrorist and the butcher is viewed as a defender of its rights and freedom!
Israel is celebrating its independence, they say. We ask: independence from what? Or, is it that they have the independence to carry on mercilessly against a people who initially told the early Jewish vagrants (as opposed to migrant), sure you are welcome in the Holy Land, after all it is the land of peace and God’s blessed land for three monotheistic faiths. If we assume that the independence was from the British, then one wonders how ungrateful these vagrants are to their early sponsors and cause d’être, the British, who gave them the foothold they needed to come and cause havoc and disruption to the land of peace by a bloodthirsty menace, who turned the Holy Land into a continuing slaughterhouse for the indigenous population of the Good Earth.
So the Arabs were told, if you do not want to be put in the list of unwanted terrorists, you just have to make peace with your new masters in the area. The Arabs gullibly said: “All right, we are ready to make peace, after all peace is a beautiful word and it is what we always greet people by. In fact, our religion insists that if anyone makes peace with you, extend your hand and respond willingly.” Yes, we extended both hands and said: “We are willing to make peace with the thieves of our land and the killers of our children, but for heavens sake tell your cronies in the stolen land of Palestine that peace needs some give and take from all sides. You can’t steal and be given full amnesty and continue to think that peace is a license to continue to steal forever.”
They say, “They are not stealing anything new, they are only protecting what they previously stole with our blessing”.
For God’s sake, what does the destruction of the homes of armless families, and olive trees have to do with protecting stolen land and the safety of thieves? That is the question that is bothering Arabs everywhere from the Atlantic to the Gulf? We see it everyday, tanks followed by wrecking equipment and armed thugs showing off their muscle against helpless old ladies, begging their fellow Arabs to come to their rescue, as is expected from any chivalrous blood brothers. But alas now, neither blood nor chivalry have any meaning in the land of Araby. Years ago, when the women of the land of Araby called out to their brethren to come to their rescue, armies would come from all over the land of Araby heeding the call and letting the enemy know that nobody gets away with the murder and rape of our blood sisters. But unfortunately, today when a Palestinian woman cries out to her brothers to rescue her, instead her fellow Arabs come out with a proposal that will help protect the aggressor and insure that he does not fall victim to the revenge of angry Arabs, who are getting fed up at the lack of manhood in their leaders, who have bled and raped their own people for so many years and made their people fall victim to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund economic policies – policies that have yet to show any success anywhere in the world in relieving the victims of the corruption of their leaders and a cutthroat enemy like Israel.
So, when the world starts hearing what it is really all about out of Teheran, the likes of Sharon start calling wolf and tell their friends, like the united Jewish Appeal, in New York, get America to sound the alarm, the terrorists are coming after us. What happened? Teheran gathered the representatives of the people of some 37 Arab and Moslem nations, who told the world plainly and openly that what ever our “leaders” say, we want this Zionist menace in the Holy Land to be taught a lesson he will never forget. This enemy has far gone beyond what can be stomached by most of the inhabitants in the area and all God-fearing people, Moslems Christians and Jews, want this debauchery to end if there is ever to be any peace. Of course the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and anywhere where people are allowed to be slaughtered mercilessly is genuine, legitimate and blessed. There is nothing wrong with people resorting to the defense and liberation of their stolen land. But the United States has been convinced by the United Jewish Appeal and the Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith that such talk is terrorism and thus what came out of Teheran does not exist in any American or Israeli dictionaries, and must be viewed as unacceptable by people who owe their existence to the robbery of land that belongs to the timid and the weak of the Earth. But, is it not the Lord Al-Mighty, who insists that it is the meek who shall inherit the Earth? Who is right the UJA, the ADBB, Colin Powell or the Lord Al-Mighty? In Teheran, they plainly said that it is the latter who is right. We agree.