While Arabs divert their attention to IraqKAP marks Earth Day [Archives:2003/630/Local News]

April 7 2003

Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
A symposium titled “Palestine for Palestine, Our Land, Our Right & a Symbol of Our Dignity”, was held in Sana'a at the Kana'an Association for Palestine's neighborhood, KAP on March 30, 2003.
The symposium coincided with the first anniversary of the KAP's foundation.
During the inaugural ceremony, a speech was delivered by Mr. Yahya M. Abdullah Saleh the KAP Chairman, aimed basically at the current development incidents that has taken place in the Arab lands such as Palestine and Iraq.
“The Arab lands are exposed to a barbaric assault through the use of lethal weapons produced by mankind,” the KAP Chairman said.
“Yemen is among the few countries where the peoples' will is interwoven with the will of the political leadership, “Mr. Yahya added.
In this regard, the KAP Chairman stressed that new horizons had been broadened for the Palestinian exports to enter the Yemeni markets.
“This will not support the Palestinian's economy, but also encourage the Palestinians to struggle and hold out to any conspiracy where the mankind has been exposed to,” Mr. Yahya further noted.
As a part of its continuos support, 500 academic fellowships have been allotted for the Palestinian students by the political leadership.
On his part a speech was delivered by Mr. Yahya Rabah the Palestinian Ambassador where he highly praised the KAP's efforts to mark the Palestinians Earth Day.
In his speech, he made clear that the Palestinian issue is the door for all Arab struggle against all different challenge.
He further noted the talk of today was diverged and restricted to the Iraq's issue and that the Palestinian cause seems to have no time.
He highly spoke of the president's decision to support the Palestinian struggle.
This manifests itself when the Palestinian products have been exempted from custom duties.
The subject of discussion dealt by participants during the symposium was the president's decision to exempt the Palestinian exports from custom duties.
The decision has been depicted by participants as a wise one that should be adopted not by Yemen but by other Arab countries.
On this regard, preparations are underway to set up a committee entrusted with keeping contacts with the concerned officials in Palestine. The decision will positively enhance the strategic ultimate goal of the Palestinians to boldly encounter barbarism, and atrocity of the Israeli aggression.
The symposium was chaired by the KAP's Chairman, Mr. Yahya M. Abdullah Saleh and attended by eminent professors, economists and other eminent social figures such as, Hafez Meayad, Mr. Ali Ashater, Saba University Reactor, Najat Gama'an, a businesswomen and Dr. Ahmed M. al-Kibsi, an expert of political and international studies.
It was also attended by journalists, mediamen and correspondents of local and foreign news agencies.