While asserting on Yemen’s stance in condemning the Israeli attack in Syrian, Foreign Minister Al-Qirbi criticizes the USAUS encourages Israel to do it – Al Qirbi [Archives:2003/675/Front Page]

October 9 2003

Sana'a, Oct 8 – In an interview to Yemen Times, Yemen's Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi, said that he believes that the USA's position in approving Israeli aggression on Syria and calling it “self-defense” is encouraging Israel to escalate its threat to other countries in the region. “The biased stance of the USA following the recent unjustifiable attack in Syria has undoubtedly encouraged Israel to continue its threats in the region and make it behave against the will of the international community. Hence, Israel needs to be halted and prevented from causing further damage to the already sensitive situation in the Middle East.” Dr. Al-Qirbi told Yemen Times.
Dr. Al-Qirbi also added that Yemen's denunciation of the attack needs to be followed by a global condemnation through a strong Security Council resolution that would deter Israel from further escalation and force it to implement earlier security council resolutions.
As for the US claim that Israel was only exercising self-defense, Dr. Al-Qirbi said, “It is the Palestinians who should be able to practice self-defense against Israeli occupation. They should be eligible of fighting Israeli occupation of their territory in all means possible he USA's double standards in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis makes Israel believe that it can attack any country any time.”
“Clearly, this action of Syria is an outrageous violation of all United Nations Charters and is also in breach of the Israel-Syria disengagement agreement signed between the two countries in 1974.”
Dr. Al-Qirbi said that Israel is escalating the crisis in the Middle East to get it out of the Palestinian-Israeli scope to the regional scope in an effort to divert attention from the local crisis Israel faces inside and from the inhuman practices of the Israeli soldiers against Palestinian civilians.
As for what will the Arab countries do, Dr. Al-Qirbi said that the Arab League has already held an emergency meeting at the League's headquarters in Cairo on Monday upon Syria's request and came up with a statement warning against the dangers of the Israeli aggression on international and regional peace and security.
The council stressed that the “Arab states” support Syria in defending its legitimate rights, calling upon the Security Council to “interfere to halt the Israeli aggressive and provocative policy against Syria.”
Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh also condemned the attack and had proposed in the past to revive the common Arab defense agreement, which if applied, will oblige Arab countries to unite militarily and jointly against any country that attacks any Arab country. However, no positive response was received regarding the president's proposal.