While her father claims she was kidnapped,Detective says girl disappeared intentionally [Archives:2008/1177/Local News]

July 31 2008

By: Emad Al-Saqqaf
TAIZ, July 27)Detectives in Taiz were finally able to find Sawsan Al-Maqtari, 19, who disappeared for 11 days, though now the details of her disappearance is question; her father said that Sawsan was kidnapped because of a revenge feud, while detectives said that the girl hid herself intentionally.

After police found Sawsan, Colonel Yahya Al-Haisami, the head of the Security Department in Taiz governorate, said that Sawsan's disappearance wasn't a kidnapping, confirming that one of her friends who worked in a telecommunications center persuaded her to go together to a house where she got to know a group of young men who subsequently hid her from sight throughout the 11 days she was absent from home.

Al-Haisami said that nine people, including two women, were caught together with two vehicles, the first of which carried Sawsan to a house belonging to one of the suspected kidnappers. “The primary results show that Sawsan wasn't kidnapped; she disappeared for other reasons