While its prevalence remains a challenge, TB infection is decreased [Archives:2008/1140/Local News]

March 24 2008

Hamed Thabet
SANA'A, March 23 ) The number of reported TB cases has decreased by 3.7 percent between 2006 and 2007 according to the National Tuberculosis Combating Program. The program stated in its 2007 study that there were 8,700 cases reported in 2006 compared to 2,300 cases in 2007. However, the disease remains prevalent around the country and especially less developed governorates like Al-Hodeidah and Haja, according to Dr. Faker Ali Al-Qobati, a professor in respiratory diseases at the medical collage of Sana'a University, and a consultant at Al-Thawra Public Hospital.

This decrease is not only in Yemen. Other developing countries such as in Africa also witness a decrease in reported cases. According to World Health Organization statement on the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day March 24, the average rate at which new TB cases were detected has slowed down. The statistics released in the Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2008 showed that the detection rate decreased from 6 percent per year in 2005 to only 3 percent worldwide. WHO emphasized on the need to improve detection systems in order to eliminate the disease completely.

“We have entered a new era