While opposition describes it as good for nothing, parliament starts serious discussions:Debate begins [Archives:2003/640/Front Page]

June 9 2003

SANAA – June 7 (YT) The government of Mr. Abdulqader Bajamal presented its platform last Saturday to the parliament to debate and endorse it. Bajamal said in the program that his government can not neglect the current situations in the region and the world in general which he described as very critical. He included in the program all the plans and initiatives his government is going to undertake in the coming years. He said that the government would continue reform in the civil service sector, pointing out that civil and military workers whose tenure in office finished would be retired. He stressed that all exceptions which other laws permitted will be called off.
The government pledged to fight poverty and population explosion as well as fighting terrorism and corruption. Bajamal said that terrorism is a major detriment to political, economic and social stability and economic growth. ” Terrorists and corrupts work with the same mentality as they both refuse to abide by law and order” the platform stated. The prime minister affirmed that his government would enact the law to control arms and other laws which were mis-enacted.
The government aims to achieve an economic growth by 4,7% in comparison with 6,3% for the non-oil domestic product during 2003-2005. It also aims to reduce the population growth rate to 3% in 2005 while the rate of poverty is planned to be reduced to 1-3% during the same period of time. Bajamal pledged to continue reform package implementation, mainly in the banking sector restructuring some banks. It stressed that would support women for a more active role in all aspects of life and cooperation with the NGOs on different aspects.
The government also promised to continue developing relations with the Gulf countries, mainly Saudi Arabia and work hard to fully join the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The parliament started debating the government program. Some members of the opposition in the parliament ruthlessly attacked the platform and said it presented nothing new in comparison with the last program of Bajamal's government. Debating the program would be a sort of formality as at the end it would be approved and government would get the needed okay for the ruling party enjoys the majority which enables it to get that approval.