Whisper [Archives:2008/1143/Community]

April 3 2008

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

The tunes of your soul's melody

Letting my joy sing your lullaby

Raising the rate of my heart's song

As all babies, I smile and enjoy

Without end

For your love, I long

Let me be his bodyguard

To make sure how my dream is kept

Save me

To be with you only alone

With your unique waltz

The beats of my heart go up and down

Let me hug your heart's response

To feel my real soul's bond

That's a gift of my God

Sent by His light

I am created for love

Against pain I have to fight

Before the sunrise, my soul starts to shine

Because your love is an ageless prime

When your soul's influence penetrates mine

My thin bones become strong and fine

Between lovers is just a transparent line

Every dark night

Before I close my eyes

Through those distant waves

Hearing your call and whisper

Gazing at the night's vesper

Creating many ways to soar

To increase my love's share

When I arrive at your pleasant place

I will water down my veiled cry

I will touch your fair hair

I will wipe off your innocent tear

I will minimize your black fear

Your soul I will possess and wear

Our love is still weaving our sun's scarf

To be pure

As the light of moon in each other's half

When I wake up

Trying to get my soul's jots

Praying for God and your eyes

To be safe as primal love

Thinking of joining your soul's club

By great will,

I will win the world's love cup

By all colors

On every white and blackboard

Through the beams of the moon

By the river of my blood

On the leaves of my soul

On gold and diamond

Your soul's tranquility

I've adorned

Your love's demarche be full grown

Without your love

How could it be my life?

If my love survived alive

I would be always born

Only for you

My happy heart would be your home

To save you from harm

And any angry storm