WhispersAngels! [Archives:2005/869/Culture]

August 18 2005

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
I have read lately a funny piece of news about a man from a neighboring country. He had one day gone to a hospital to make some check- ups. He was then shocked and surprised to read the results of tests mentioned that the man was pregnant!

The man was about to be mad but then, thanks to God, it was found out that the man was delivered the wrong report. That mistake is nothing compared to the mistakes taking place in our hospitals.

Nowadays it has become risky to go to a hospital to visit a doctor. The doctor would, in most cases, immediately diagnose your case and read a list of diseases you are suffering from and a package of drugs prescribed for you by him. It is preferable to buy those medicines at the hospital pharmacy or from the doctor's clinic! However, interestingly and sorrowfully, if you go to another and another doctor, I assure you that each one will diagnose the case differently and tell you of various diseases!

I am not telling a joke. Unfortunately, it is the reality that we face daily. You, dear reader, can try it! Even if you are a healthy person, you can go to one of those doctors who have lost their feeling of live conscience and forgotten about ethics of the profession. Such a doctor would very easily invent for you a number of illnesses, and do not be surprised if he diagnoses your case in just a glance!

If you go to a hospital and you come out safely, then, know that you are exceptionally lucky.

Believe me or not! It is the latest farce our hospitals are performing! Someone has taken his relative to hospital and asked a doctor examine him. Before conducting any examination, the doctor asked the man accompanying the patient to go and buy for him two mobile telephone recharging cards. At the beginning, he though it was a just but soon he realized the doctor was serious

I think that many have heard about a joke about a doctor who had missed his mobile phone. He thought of making a ring to spot it. Surprisingly, the sound from his mobile came from inside the abdomen of a patient to whom he had just finished a surgical operation for him. It is believed that some doctors could forget surgical tools inside an operated patient's abdomen, and now mobile phones are possible to find their way inside patients' abdomens after surgical operations.

Going to hospitals seeking treatment, one would find out how miserable their conditions are. You can see how lives of people have become so cheap. You can see how the so-called “angels of mercy” have turned into monsters. You can see people die not because they have serious diseases or there are no doctors. No, they die because they could not satisfy greediness of doctors who forget their oath to do their utmost efforts to save lives of the people and to do their duty whatever the situation is. Doctors have forgotten all those things and are only focusing on how much money they could rob of the patients. Thus, hospitals here have become a shortcut to death.

Many patients die everyday because they have not enough money to meet high expenses that hospitals charge them.

For instance, Ali is strong young man but he was suffering from tonsillitis and the doctor told him that he had to remove tonsils. The doctor assured him that it was an easy operation. Ali came out from the operation room and he lost the ability to speak! Ali now is mute! The doctor cut his tonsils along with the vocal cords!

Ali was luckier than Wafa'a who was paralyzed when she had undergone the same operation!

There are so many examples to be witnessed at a number of so-called hospitals. The above are two examples of common mistakes resulting from negligence and wrong diagnoses and total indifference the patient may receive in hospitals.

Nevertheless, I have to greet the few doctors who work honestly and they still deserve to wear the white uniforms and deserve to be called angels of mercy.

I wish you all the good health!