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October 6 2005

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
Last week Yemeni people celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the 26th September revolution. Yet, most people wait for this day for no reason than to enjoy a day off. Many Yemeni journalists wait for this day to elaborate on it and Yemen's great achievements during those 43 years and they make one feel that Yemenis live on the moon. They draw a beautiful image of a prefect land called Yemen.

No one can deny the achievements of the revolution so far. There are many schools and hospitals and the situation is much better compared to how Yemen is used to live before the revolution. However, throughout these long years that are so close to half a century, Yemenis have not worked hard to successfully and perfectly fulfil the goals of the revolution for which many innocents gave their lives. There is development in Yemen but it is very slow and is hardly noticeable since 1962.

The revolutionists purposely fought and struggled against poverty, illiteracy and illness. Sadly, all these long years and in spite of the sacrifices, the ghosts of poverty and illness still haunt many Yemeni houses.

In my opinion, the martyrs would regret and sorry for the corrupt situation of Yemen.

They would feel sorry for the illiteracy that still persistently prevails in most of Yemen areas with a large of number of Yemeni, most of them the women in rural areas, deprived of the possibility of either entering school or completing their primary education.

The martyrs would be disappointed if they knew that most of the Yemeni population lived under the poverty line against which martyrs paid with their lives cheaply for it as it was the ghost that governed Yemen and Yemenis suffered from. Today, Yemenis still live with a pathetic and shaky economy.

Still, patients hesitated before going to a hospital due to the lack of a qualified cadre of staff and the lack of the facilities and equipments that should be provided in any hospital. As a result they wish to be treated abroad but, due to their economic conditions, they are forced to take risks and go to the nearest hospital.

On the other hand, until now some people who live in rural areas are deprived of the medical services and they have to go to distant centres and they may be face to risk death. The rate of the maternal mortality is very high in Yemen.

It is so clear that the reason behind our plight and various problems is corruption. Yemen is a potentially wealthy country and has many different resources but corrupt hands absorb all of the revenues from these resources and deprive more than 20 million of an enjoyable life in this great country. The martyrs would be more distressed now as those who corrupt the country and take its wealth are not outsiders, but Yemenis.

I wish I could say something nice on the occasion of the 43rd Anniversary of the Revolution. However, I think we have to stop on this glorious day and review the situation, pointing out the shortages and obstacles and try to correct our mistakes while attempting to find ways to improve our country, instead of talking about the past and elaborating on the achievements of dead people.

For all the Yemeni brothers and sisters try to find a way to complete the liberal being. Struggle to fight the three enemies (poverty, illiteracy and illness) along with the new enemy corruption) and push it forward to make Yemen a prosperous country, which will one day be at the top of the developing countries list.